Welcome to Junia!

Junia, a transitional school, is contributing towards major issues such as helping to feed the planet, developing the digital and industrial transformation, accelerating the energy and urban transitions process, and improving technology for health and well-being.

This engineering school has 8 preparatory cycles, 3 HEI, ISA and ISEN university programmes, research activities and business services. Junia has 5,000 students (including 530 apprentices) and 450 employees. There are 3 campuses: Lille (since 1885), Bordeaux, and Châteauroux.

Its programmes are approved by the French Government and it has been awarded the EESPIG certification (private higher education institution of general interest). Its degrees are recognised by the CTI (French Commission of Engineering Qualifications). Junia is a member of the Catholic University of Lille.